About Us

 Red Tempest Media aims to create, publish, and share media towards developing culture.  Through graphical stories, videos, music, interactive applications, narrative prose, and more- we believe that the world can be better understood.

We seek quality, either by creating it ourselves, or by finding and helping to share the works of artists and craftsmen alike.  Our focus is on the independent creators, with the hope that- by bringing great media together- we can create and share something even greater with the world.

Through distribution by technology such as the Internet and mobile devices, we aim to explore the future of the arts as interactive and experimental mediums.

We are based in the sunny city of Denver at the foot of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Our artists and collaborators are currently from around the United States, South America and Europe, and we hope to continue expanding throughout the discovered universe… and beyond?


The Red Tempest Administrative Team

C. A. Beninati – Owner & Editor-in-Chief

Brock Eastman – Marketing Director

Red Tempest Artists

Red Tempest works with some incredible artists from around the world.  Make sure to check out their websites and portfolios.