Pending Issues

Pending Issues

Rupert Fink has an uncommon occupation: he resolves pending issues. His job is much like that of a private detective, except he looks in the past, in the impossible, in the dreams, even in death’s domain.

Rupert Fink solves the pending issues of clients that can afford his services, but the issues don’t always turn out as expected. As he himself says: “We just put the cards back in the deck again, and sometimes the cards come out the same way, sometimes worse than the previous game.” Pending issues are mostly issues of love. And Rupert Fink is a tough detective, but he can’t hide the great romanticism that he conceals on the inside.

Alejandro Farias (script) and Jorge Vildoza (art) need only 5 stories to explore the extreme distances of this proposal of fantastic and bizarre stories, equally gripping as they are strange. — Marcos Vergara

formatfull color

length50 pages

eBook + Print